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  • Haesung Magnet

    Haesung Magnet

    About Supplier

    Haesung Magnet is a specialized manufactuer of magnetic selection equipment and lifting magnet

    We are selected as a venture business and a technology innovation type INNOBIZ from Small and Medium Business Administration and designated as a new technology business by Korea Technology Finance Corporation on the basis of our domestic largest supply result and our own new technology development and patent technology alliance and overseas market development effort in a very short time, beginning with permanent magnet lifma and magnetic chuck, since 1996.

    We acquired ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 quality and environment management system first in magnetic industry from Korea Standard Association, therefore we prepared such base to supply systematic and standardized products.

    We exported 3 large electronic lifting magnets of our patent products to SUZLON GROUP which is the largest company in the field of wind generator in India and we made MOU with SUZLON GROUP, and we exported large electronic lifting magnets to KORINDO GROUP in Indonesia and installed it by ourselves, and we exported 1 scrap magnet for excavator of newest patent products to a Japanese company, thus we have made a big progress to develop overseas market, and we exported some other countries such as Taiwan and Iran, etc.

    Even these days, many overseas buyers are visiting our company, and we have been publicizing it through overseas exhibitions and we have been actively investing our profits in technology development (New-R&D), we are fighting a soundless economic war against international global magnetic equipment companies.

    We, as a rapid growing company of more than 80% every year, creates and develops products of non-exist in the world, and our Haesung family is doing its best effort to become a motive power for national economic development.

    We have patent rights for those competitive products of Haesung Magnet’s major items such as magnetic selection equipment, lifting magnet, scrap magnet, permanent magnetic pulley magnet, etc, therefore we have technical area for the business which no body can infringe.

    We promise to provide good quality only through complete quality control and systematic system management from design to manufacture and construction of customer oriented products in the fields of environment, mechanical industry, iron structure and shipbuilding, industry plant, etc.

    We are developing new technology items by continuous research and development and new products are going to be released periodically in the future for business value creation.

    In order to achieve a big target starting from small thing just as water from a valley flows to meet a large river, Haesung family promises to challenge new world for a big revolution of magnetic equipments in order to be re-born as best brand of magnetic equipments.

    190, Sangidaehak-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Magnetic Separator

    Self Cleaning Electromagnetic Separator
    Permanent type Magnetic Separator
    Oil-Cooling type Electro Magnetic Separator
    Aluminum Separator
    Tubular type Magnetic Separator
    Lattice type Magnet
    Magnet Bar
    Permanent type Pulley Magnet
    “H” Drum type Magnetic Separator
    Magnetic Chip Separator
    Plate type Permanent Magnet
    Liquid type Ferrous Metals Removal
    Filter type Wet Process Metal Remover (for Liquid Materials)
    Filter type Dry Process Metal Remover

    Lifting Magnet

    Round electronic lifting magnet
    Square shape electronic lifting magnet
    Battery Magpoter
    Angle Lifting Magnet
    Permanent Magnet Lifma
    Ring shape electronic lifting magnet

    Scrap Magnet

    SMEC 복합형 굴삭기용 스크랩 마그네트
    Scrap magnet for Crane
    Scrap magnet for Excavator
    Scrap magnet for Excavator - Hybrid use
    Scrap magnet for Grapple

    Magnetic Chuck

    Micro-Pitch Electromagnetic Chuck
    Standard type Electromagnetic Chuck
    Superpower type electromagnetic chuck
    Chuck Master

    Magnetic Tool

    Angle control Magnet
    Magnetic Welding Clamp
    Magnetic Guide Scale