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Highly precise garlic planter

Planting both on a plastic-multched film (thicker than 0.03mm) & on a soil (7rows, 9rows) -Planting with a mini-rotavator (11rows)
Ensuring the harvest of products in regular size by planting garlics at constant distance away from each other
Planting distance and depth are adjustable
- Planting depth of 0-7cm from the ground is available
- Micro-control is available and garlics can be planted regardless of region.
No PTO power is required (7rows, 9rows)
Easy maintenance

Product specification

  • ModelJK-GPS7T (7 rows)Both on a plastic film and a soilHADA-GPS9T (9 rows)Both on a plastic film and a soilJK-GPS11T (11 rows)Rotavator type on a soil
  • L X W X H1,565 X 1,852 X 1,327㎜1,415 X 2,017 X 1,227㎜1,565 X 2,412 X 1,327㎜
  • Weight524㎏592㎏748㎏
  • Speed1ha/8hour, 50min/10a1ha/8hour, 50min/10a1.2ha/8hour, 40min/10a
  • Required ridge1,050 ~ 1,100mm1,150 ~ 1,200mm1,500 ~ 1,550mm
  • Required tractor50hp <50hp <60hp <
  • Connecting typeThree-points (CAT I)Three-points (CAT I)Three-points (CAT I)
  • Row X Colum distance140 X 130 ~ 180㎜120 X 150 ~ 170㎜140 X 130 ~ 180㎜


Easy sprocket change
changeable planting distance in column (13cm~20cm)

Robust planting cup
Light and strong with a high accuracy of planting.

Easy planting depth control
Planting depth can be controlled from 0 to 70cm

Pick-up disk plate
Variable pick-up sizes

Field photo

Seed Spacing

Planting distance should be adjusted for on a plastic film planting (7rows)

Check point before plating

Garlic seed must be dried: Using non-dried seed cloves may clog the garlic inlet, degrading the seeding rate. Upon occurrence of this, stop seeding and dry seed cloves before resuming work.

Accurate size sorting improves planting rate: Select seed cloves suitable for the measuring cup (large, medium, small) before planting The use of uniform sized seed cloves reduces multi-seedlings and increases the seeding rate.

A ridge must be flat. (A ridge making machine is recommended): Make sure that the ridge surface is flat through sufficient rotary work before carrying out vinyl mulching

It takes two or more workers: It takes two or more workers working together as one person should adjust the seeding depth and to check the seeding status while the other is driving the machine.

Maintain a constant seeding depth: It is necessary to adjust height according to the ground condition to ensure a constant seeding depth.


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