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    About Supplier

    General Dock Co. is a specialized manufacturing firm for Mobile Docks, Loading Ramps, Dock Levelers, and other cargo loading & logistics equipment. We highly appreciate our customer`s sustained guidance and support since our beginning, which ahve resulted in our current success.

    We lead the dock equipment market through our years of experience and technology, and manufacture a variety of Dock products used in the industry with exceptional quality, thanks to our continued research and development efforts.

    Following the globalization trend in equipment, we strive to provide the best customer experience from product development, production, quality assurance and subsequent maintenance. As a result of incorporationg such efforts into our company culture, we have acquired internationally recognized ISO 9000 Certification, as well as the European safety standard CE Mark for the first time in the world as a dock equipment manufacturer, highlighting the trust and recognition we`ve earned from the industry for our techonology and quality as a specialized dock equipment manufacturer.

    As a compreshensive dock equipment manufacturer, we here at General Dock Co. promise to develop equipments that will be highly effective on site, and contribute to reducing our customer`s logistics costs that will lead to improved productivity and efficiency.

    86, Byeolmang-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Mobile Dock

    Standard Separable Type 1-Way Mobile Dock
    Heavy Load Separable Type 1-Way Mobile Dock
    Long Load Separable Type 1-Way Mobile Dock
    Function by Part
    Characteristics of Separable Model Dock
    Characteristics of General Model Dock
    3-Way Mobile Dock
    Lumber Handling Separable Type 1-Way Mobile Dock
    Heavy Load One-Body Type 1-Way Mobile Dock
    Long Load One-Body Type 1-Way Mobile Dock
    Model Select Factor
    Mobile Dock for Export
    2-Way Mobile Dock
    Standard One-Body Type 1-Way Mobile Dock
    Lumber Handling One-Body Type 1-Way Mobile Dock

    Platform Dock

    Portable Platform Dock
    Fixed Type Platform Dock
    Mobile Type Platform Dock


    Mobile Ramp
    Deck Ramp

    Dock Board

    Fixed Type Dock Board
    Mobile Type Dock Board's Characteristics
    Mobile Type Dock Board

    Dock Leveler

    Hydraulic Dock Leveler
    Fixed Dock Leveler

    Car Up Plate

    Car Up Plate

    Fixed Dock for Agricultural

    Fixed Dock for Agricultural

    Deck Plate

    Deck Plate

    Product Characteristics

    Product Characteristics