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Since its founding in 1885, Fujikura has researched, developed, and manufactured wires and cables, giving rise to numerous "Tsunagu" (connecting) technologies along the way. The company has used these technologies to consistently deliver highly reliable products to customers operating in the realms of energy, telecommunications, electronics, and automotive components, thus contributing to development in Japan, and other countries and regions around the world.

The business environment in which Fujikura operates continues to change with a rapidity never before witnessed with the progress of globalization, the transition to a low-carbon, renewable energy-based society, development of infrastructure in emerging nations, increase in the volume of data transmission as a result of Industry 4.0 and IoT, and the advent of smart cars and smart homes, among other technological advances. The Fujikura Group formulated the 2020 Mid-term Business Plan, a five-year medium-range plan that began this fiscal year, against this backdrop of major change. This mid-term business plan follows the basic outline of the 2015 Mid-term Business Plan. The contents of the plan aim for transformation into a high profit company as the end result of accurately determining what is of value to our customers and providing that value. We will push forward with the organizational and structure reform we worked on in the 2015 Mid-term Plan and will implement a growth strategy that pays close attention to our global customers along with these efforts. Fujikura will also originate new businesses with a particular focus on accelerating metabolism of these changes, be decisive in committing resources to that end, and build businesses that will become the new cornerstones of our company.

The Fujikura Group is also working to fulfill corporate social responsibilities increasingly demanded of us by our stakeholders, and especially our investors. We will establish strong corporate governance and improve our ratings on the environmental and social aspects of CSR. It is our goal to ensure unshakeable business continuity.
We would like to show all of our stakeholders a Fujikura Group that has achieved great growth through the 2020 Mid-term Business Plan and ask for your continued support.


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