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  • Flownics

    About Supplier

    FLOWNICS is established in 2002. FLOWNICS is a leading company in manufacturing variable area flowmeters in korea. Since our company's starting, we have worked continuously to supply instruments and flow meters. Our staffs have been working on this business more than 20 years. FLOWNICS provides a wide & various fields of measuring and control solutions to the customers, petrochemical, phamaceutical, foodstuff & beverage industry, steel, power plant, R&D, construction, engineering, government issues, etc. 

    FLOWNICS product line ensures your application will run efficiently and profitably. Our goal is to meet your needs for high quality flow measurement and solutions with timely delivery and strong application support.

    176, Majung-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List


    Area Flow Meter
    Orifice Flow Meter
    Sight Glass & Indicator & Flow Switch
    Turbine Flow Meter
    Semiconductor Turbine Flow Meter
    Magnetic Flow Meter
    Ultrasonic Flow Meter
    Vortex Flow Meter
    MFC & Thermal Mass Flow Meter
    Positive Displacement Flow Meter
    Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
    Orifice Flow Gauge
    Orifice Flow Meter & Transmitter
    Parshall Flume Flow Meter