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    About Supplier

    FINE INTER KOREA Co., Ltd. are offering the integral quality inspection solution Applying to HACCP, ISO9000S, KGMP, 14000S, PL law, Recycle law, which require Total products inspection as well as extraordinary completed inspection.

    As a leading manufacturer & exporter in the inspection system industry. Our accumulated hi-technology has proven too meet customers’ various demand. On efficiency and systematism of their production lines for past decades.

    Our major products ranges start from automatic check weigher for total products inspection and digital weighing indicator, load cells as an exact weighing equipment for batching, packer, hopper, platform scale, truck scale, automatic parking & filling applications of all industrial application. Also, our high qualified interface system, remote displayer, industrial printers, analog amplifier can completely support for all applications.

    Furthermore, we make an excellent digital metal detector which can inspect contaminents inside all products of the food, chemical, meat, industrial goods, textile, garments, pharmaceutical application.

    Finally if you want to make your production line improved for your customer satisfaction, we will do our best to support for your company with a highly experienced technology right now.

    60, Haan-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Automatic Check Weigher & Digital Metal Detector

    Max. weight Capacity 600g Series
    Max. Weight Capacity 1200g Series
    Max. Weight Capacity 3000g Series
    Max. Weight Capacity 6000g Series
    Tunnel Type Digital Metal Detector
    PAD Type Digital Metal Detector
    Gravity Type Digital Metal Detector
    PIPE LINES Types Digital Metal Detector
    Alu-Scan Metal Detector
    Twin Type Check Weigher Seires
    Weight Sorting Series
    Alu-Scan Metal Detector
    Max. Weight Capacity 18Kg Series
    Max. Weight Capacity 30Kg Series
    Max. Weight Capacity 60Kg Series

    Vision, Leakage, Sealing, Detector and Conveyor System

    OCR Print Inspection System
    Bottle Leakage Detector
    Camera Vision Inspection System
    Pouch Leakage Detector
    Various & Special Conveyor System

    Contaminant Inspection System

    Contaminant Inspection System
    Vaccum & Suction Inspection System
    Hair Detector Inspection System
    Whole Contaminant Inspection System

    Digital Weighing Indicator, Display and Accessory

    Remote Display
    Industrial Printer
    Summing Box
    Digital Indicator Option Card
    Digital Indicator Control Cabinet

    FINE Load Cell

    Single Point Load Cell FC2, FC3, FC4
    Shear Beam Load Cell FCS1
    Shear Beam Load Cell FCS2
    S-Beam Load Cell FCS3
    Low Profile Load Cell FCL1
    Canister Load Cell FCC1
    Compression Load Cell FCC2
    Miniature Load Cell FCM1
    Miniature Load Cell FCM2, FCM3
    Miniature Load Cell FCM4
    Hollow Type Load Cell FCH1
    Tension Load Cell FCT1
    Truck Scale Load Cell FCST1

    Industrial Printer & etc

    Data Recorder for Digital Metal Detector
    Rotary Type Platform Scale System
    Platform Scale & Barcode Printing System
    Software Program for Truck Scale System
    Automatic Check Weigher Option Series