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    Founded in 2004, and headquartered in Seoul, KOREA, EZ-NET Ubiquitous,Co,Ltd is a leading company of computer peripherals that provides a complete line of Storage, network solution, usb devices, HDMi devices, IP camera, I/O interface coards, and wifi solutions. We are devoted to every computer user from mainstream to enthusiast. Our goal is to provide a complete and affordable line of products for all computing needs.
    We are developing, marketing, computer peripherals which are using external interface technology.
    Due to our excellent customer service and good quality for more than 9 years, our products have been widely accepted in the domestic and international markets and have had good reputation among our customers worldwide. Our products lines cover many categories of evolving products in the IT field.

    The mission of EZ-NET Ubiquitous, co.,Ltd are to provide a total solutions and complete satisfactions to our customers in accordance with our mottos"EZ-NET-A Name You Can Trust" and "Win-Win policy for our customers". Our commitments to quality, reliability and customer service are the main ingredients of our operation. We are sure that you will immediately experience our commitments when you start to work with us.

    78, Saechang-ro 45-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

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