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    About Supplier

    Errecom SPA is a dream born in Corzano, in 2001. A company proud to represent the Made in Italy label, that in 20 years has become a point of reference for the air conditioning and refrigeration market throughout the world. A place where you can feel a sincere passion for performance and excellence, find a reliable and far-sighted partner, share experiences and always be one step ahead.


    The value of our production philosophy is proven by measurable facts: more than 10 million gas leak stops sold worldwide, exports to over 130 countries, collaborations with OEMs for the creation of dedicated chemical solutions, partnerships with market leaders who sell Errecom products as private label.


    The cartridGe technology applied to our leak stops and additives, the reduced quantity of product to be inserted in AC/R systems, high-quality lubricants for refrigeration systems, specific cleaners for internal and external units, and the most performing flushing fluids: here they are some of the hallmarks of our uniqueness and exclusivity.


    Our in-house laboratory, top quality raw materials, and a production process that is constantly under control make it possible for Errecom to transform problems into solutions.


    Biodegradable raw materials, eco-sustainable packaging, products that optimise the performance of AC/R systems over time: an integrated green approach, because sustainability for Errecom is not only about behaviours and choices, but it also represents an intrinsic value of the product.

    Via Industriale, 14, 25030 Corzano BS, 이탈리아

    Product List

    Repair Refrigerant Gas Leaks

    Extreme Ultra (Repair Refrigerant Gas Leaks)
    TR1163.AL.01.S2, TR1163.AL.H1.S2, TR1163.AL.H7.S2, TR1163.AL.H2.S2, TR1163.AL.H4.S2, TR1163.AL.H8.S2, TR1163.AL.H3.S2, TR1163.AL.H6.S2
    External (Repair Refrigerant Gas Leaks)
    FixQuick (Repair Refrigerant Gas Leaks)

    Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection - Additive

    Brilliant (Fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye for Vehicle A/C Systems)
    TR1119.F.S1, TR1003.01.S1, TR1103.01.S1, TR1A03.01.S1, TR1058.A6.01.P1, TR1058.A6.H1.P1, TR1058.A6.H7.P1, TR1058.A6.H2.P1, TR1058.01.P1, TR1058.H1.P1, TR1058.H7.P1, TR1058.H2.P1, TR1058.A6.01, TR1058.A6.H1, TR1058.A6.H7, TR1058.A6.H2, TR1058.01, TR1058.H1 TR1058.H7, TR1058.H2
    Green Brilliant (Green Fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye for Vehicle A/C Systems)
    Blue Brilliant (Fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye for Vehicle A/C Systems)
    Red Brilliant (Fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye POE based for Electric Compressors)
    HVAC&R Brilliant (Yellow Fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye for AC/R Systems)
    TR1068.A12.01, TR1068.A12.H4, TR1058.A6.H7, TR1068.A12.H8, TR1068.E.01, TR1068.E.H4, TR1068.E.H8, TR1068.E.H3, TR1068.G.01
    Trace Brilliant (Red leak detector for AC/R Systems)
    Brilliant Remover (Fluorescent UV Dyes Remover)
    TR1109.01, AB1073.P.01, AB1073.D.01

    Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection - Spray

    Best Bubbles (Refrigerant Gas Micro Leak Detector)
    Best Bubbles Fluo (Refrigerant Gas Micro Leak Fluorescent Detector)

    Additives for AC/R Systems

    Cool-Shot Ultra (Performance Enhancer)
    TR1170.AL.01.S2, TR1170.AL.H1.S2, TR1170.AL.H7.S2, TR1170.AL.H2.S2, TR1170.AL.H4.S2, TR1170.AL.H8.S2, TR1170.AL.H3.S2, TR1170.AL.H6.S2
    Super-Dry Ultra (Anti-Moisture Additive)
    TR1174.AL.01.S2, TR1174.AL.H1.S2, TR1174.AL.H7.S2, TR1174.AL.H2.S2, TR1174.AL.H4.S2, TR1174.AL.H8.S2, TR1174.AL.H3.S2, TR1174.AL.H6.S2
    No-Acid Ultra (Acid Neutralizer Additive)
    TR1175.AL.01.S2, TR1175.AL.H1.S2, TR1175.AL.H7.S2, TR1175.AL.H2.S2, TR1175.AL.H4.S2, TR1175.AL.H8.S2, TR1175.AL.H3.S2, TR1175.AL.H6.S2
    Antioxidant Ultra (Antioxidant and Anticorrosive Additive)
    TR1177.AL.01.S2, TR1177.AL.H4.S2, TR1177.AL.H8.S2, TR1177.AL.H3.S2
    Compressor+ (Reconditioning Additive)

    Flushing Refrigerant Lines

    Belnet Aerosol (Refrigeration Flushing Fluid)
    Belnet (Refrigeration Flushing Fluid)
    Super Belnet (Refrigeration Flushing Fluid)
    Alpha Flush (Flushing Units Fluid)
    Top Flush (Refrigeration flushing fluid – alternative to Decafluoropentane)

    Refrigeration Lubricants

    Refrigeration Lubricants

    Soldering Heat Barriers

    Soldering Paste
    Anti-Heating Barrier
    Protective Barrier Spray

    A/C Systems Cleaning and Disinfection - Indoor Unit Cleaning

    Chinook (Filter Cleaning)
    Finned Batteries Cleaning
    AB1084.J.01, AB1084.N.01, AB1049.F.01, AB1049.J.01, AB1049.N.01, AB1225.Q.S1, AB1223.Q.S1, AB1222.Q.S1, AB1073.K.01, AB1073.P.01, AB1073.D.01
    AB1085.Q.01, AB1085.M.01, AB1085.K.01, AB1085.P.01, AB1085.D.01
    No-Age Plus (Treatments)
    Case and Plastic Surfaces Cleaning
    AB1226.N.01, AB1073.K.01, AB1073.P.01, AB1073.D.01
    Drizzle (Drain Tubes Cleaning)

    A/C Systems Cleaning and Disinfection - Outdoor Unit Cleaning

    EcoRestore (Finned Batteries Cleaning)
    EcoRestore (Case Cleaning)
    No-Age Plus (Anticorrosive Treatment)
    Drizzle (Drain Tubes Cleaning)

    A/C Systems Cleaning and Disinfection - Disinfection

    Interior Purifier PRO
    Interior Purifier
    AB1056.F.01, AB1057.F.01, AB1058.F.01, AB1050.F.01, AB1059.F.01, AB1060.F.01, AB1061.F.01, AB1056.J.01, AB1057.J.01, AB1058.J.01, AB1050.J.01, AB1059.J.01, AB1060.J.01, AB1061.J.01, AB1056.N.01, AB1057.N.01, AB1058.N.01, AB1050.N.01, AB1059.N.01, AB1060.N.01, AB1061.N.01
    Atom Machine
    VP1044.01, RK1393, RK1394, RK1395, RK1396, RK1397, RK1443
    AB1085.Q.01, AB1085.M.01, AB1085.K.01, AB1085.P.01, AB1085.D.01
    AB1085.Q.01, AB1085.M.01, AB1085.K.01, AB1085.P.01, AB1085.D.01
    Total Care
    RKAB37.S1, RKAB38.S1, RKAB39.S1, RKAB36.S1, RKAB40.S1, RKAB41.S1, RKAB42.S1

    Horeca Solutions

    SaniBact (Disinfectant for Surfaces)
    AB1085.Q.01, AB1085.M.01, AB1085.K.01, AB1085.P.01, AB1085.D.01
    SmartBact (RTU Disinfectant preparation Kit)
    AB1085.Q.01, AB1085.M.01, AB1085.K.01, AB1085.P.01, AB1085.D.01
    SnowPlow (Ice-Machine Cleaner)
    Axe (Ice-Dissolver for Refrigerators)
    Greed (Cleaner for Refrigerated Spaces)
    Moka (Cleaner for Coffee Machines and Electric Kettles)
    Smoki (Cigarette Smoke Odor Remover)
    Woofi (Pet Odor Remover)
    Uklin (Odor Remover Treatment fr Urine)
    AB1091.K.01, AB1091.P.01, AB1091.D.01
    Flow (Professional Unblocker for Slow Drains)
    Unclog (Professional Unblocker for Clogged Drains)

    Additives for Engine Components

    Brilliant Engine (Multi-purpose UV Dye for Engine Parts)
    Stop Up (Universal Leak Stop for Engine)