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    In the last years ERRE.DI. SRL, with the intent of to combine an important production reality with the dynamism typical of reality commercial "problem solving", decides to expand its structure with a new Technical Department that, thanks to constant interaction with the companies of engineering, is able to propose customized solutions based on specific customer requirements.

    Today, thanks to many years of experience work in the Oil & Gas, Chemistry, Petrochemicals and Steel, the ERRE team. OF. SRL is able to provide ready answers and qualified, high quality standards, strict controls at every stage of production, accurate assembly and careful testing a competitive costs.

    ERRE.DI. SRL has been able to create a team reliable and qualified professionals, in able to work in synergy with customers to provide a "Full Package Service" unique and innovative in all its 3 Divisions.

    20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI) Via dei Lavoratori , 15-17

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