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Product Name Copper spring precision cutter
Series Custom Order
Product Description

Two high-precision scanner has excellent speed and work at the same time. It is possible to expand the processing area in one axis stage management.

1um can be controlled in the following accuracy, It is convenient to the fixing of the material in the attachment of the vacuum bad.

In addition, as an option, a coaxial vision the accuracy of the time of attachment will be higher. With the exception of the load / unload the material, it is a fully automated machine. (Option: possible automation of all processes.



Laser wavelength  1070um
Processing area  210mm X 480mm (can be changed)
Repeat accuracy  0.5um less (variously be manufactured depending on the option)
operating system  Windows 10 32bit
Power supply  Windows 10 32bit
Power supply  220V single-phase 2.5kw below
Other options  Local exhaust system, vacuum table
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