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    About Supplier

    “Green technology, Globalization of technology, Transparency of management”

    Leading technological strength and know-how! A company extending to the world, E&E Co. Ltd., will lead.

    Energy & Environment Co. was established in 2001, hoping to get a philanthropic corporation. 
    We invented the Brown Gas Generator of big capacity which could not be made at any country and also have been exporting the equipment abroad. 

    The Brown Gas which is environmentally innoxious and largely economical is being applied to environmental industry. 
    Melting furnace which generate no harmful slag and recycling resource type has been invented and exported. 

    Also, we are participating at the government’s project entitled “Development of Next Green Technology.” The project is related to the treatment of inflammable wastes by using the Brown Gas burner. Further more, we are developing applied technologies in order to expand our area using this burner. We have been making every endeavor to develop best technology since the world’s economy is depressed, believing that our efforts may lead to the development of more economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology. Despite the world’s economical stagnation, we have been getting several good award for the best company & our technology from the government.

    We have developed Ash-Melting-Furnace from the government’s(Ministry of Environment) support and got the testimony as new technology from the Ministry. So we are willing to expand our business. As a united family, the staff won’t try to grasp for any fortune but make an effort to concentrate on development of new technology. Also, we are making an effort to give customer a satisfaction through manufacturing good products, high-rate profits from an efficient management and developing philanthropic technology. In near future, we hope that we will be the best company specialized in environment on the world map and want to strengthen the foundation of our Nation.

    599, 3.1manse-ro, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Infactious / industrial waste incineration and melting system
    Waste asbestos melting process facility
    Cutting Equipment
    Brown Gas Generator
    Mix combusting equipment
    Side surface melting system