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    About Supplier

    Since its inception, DYNAPACK has been a packaging automation company that designs, manufactures, and installs three-sided packaging machines and automatic feeders. We are always striving for customer satisfaction based on the best technology and credit in Korea. Our business area is automatic packing machine and front and back supply automation machine.



    DYNAPACK is know for constant up gradation of technology and developing better packing machines to more exacting standards. We at DYNAPACK our constant endeavor to improve the quality reserve the right to change technical specifications in this catalogue.

    Quality has always been key to our manufacture process and each machine goes through stringent testing before it is dispatched. All parts for our machines are sourced from local companies, whilst all the manufacture elements are carried out in house.


    At DYNAPACK, we strive to provide excellence in our customer service. The support that we offer continues right through the life of the machine; from installing your machine worldwide to carrying out service visits or supplying you with spare parts.


    To be the most important partner to contribute to success of our customers and ensure that we grow together.

    We will do our best to satisfy our customers with honesty, credit, and the best technology. Thank you.



    47, Bangsangamateo-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Packing Machine

    Tea Packaging Line
    Robot Line
    Lower Processing Line
    Sand Line
    Stick & Pillow Line
    Rotary Feeder Line
    Full Automatic Stick Bicuit Line
    Auto Feeder Line