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    About Supplier

    DOSIS M&M CO.,LTD. always thinks of the future first and put our utmost energy on R&D and creativities under the spirit of

    ‘We are the pioneer in the field or medical and aesthetic’

    We have been focusing on skin and obesity management products considered as one of the major field growing fast in 21st century and are proud of ourselves being a leader in these fields under the spirit of our relatively short history.

    All our staff of DOSIS M&M are working hard for the customer’s satisfaction and will continue to strive to set new standards in medical and aesthetic filed with commitment.

    607, Cheonho-daero, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Product List

    Skin Rejuvenation (RF)

    RF Micro needle & Cannula system
    INNO Plus
    RF filler injection System
    RF filler injection System
    INNOfill, INNO-EL
    Dual fractional RF technology
    Cellina PR

    Skin Rejuvenation (Laser)

    CO2 Fractional + Conventioal + IR/RF
    Qray FRX
    CO Fractional + Conventioal

    Skin Rejuvenation (HIFU)

    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
    Ultra TT

    Skin Rejuvenation (Injection Therapy)

    Smart solution injection system
    Hydro Injector
    Needle-free air pressure injection system
    CO2 Therapy System

    Skin Rejuvenation (Air Chiller)

    Optimal air cooling system

    Hair Removal (Diode Laser)

    808nm diode laser High performance & Permanent Hair removal
    Epicare Plus
    808nm diode laser High performance & Permanent Hair removal
    Epicare Plus 800

    OB / GYN (CO2 Laser)

    Vaginal care system with CO2 Fractional laser
    Qray V1

    Diagnosis (Vein Detector)

    Vein Illumination System
    Vein Light

    Dental (3 Color LED)

    Tooth whitening system