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    Dongwoo industry produces the superlative quality and service based on excellent technique, is a ventilation fan specialty manufacturer that creates ventilation culture of high quality.

    To supply quality and service that customers want, we receive proof that are developing and supplying various kinds of products to bathroom, industry, cattle shed etc. from household ventilation fan, and also develops ourselves brand named “Dori-Dori”, and acquires certificate such as KS, ISO9001, CE, SASO and are objective about quality-control system of product.

    To be an enterprise that requites in customers’ cheering by taking charge of part to make living environment that is more agreeable with future rich society, all of Dongwoo Industry employee would like to do our best.

    1021, Jeonjin-ro, Soyang-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do

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