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Product Name VFD multistage pump
Model NSQ-XR(L) Series
Series Vertical Pump
Product Description

· MAX. Flow(Q)   130㎥/h 

· MAX. Head(H)   245m 

· Motor Power   0.75~22kW (1~30HP) 

· Available Power   3PH 380V~440V / 50&60Hz, 1PH 220V~230V / 50&60Hz 



NSQ-XR(L) pumps are built on the basis of XR(L) pumps. Enhanced with the NSQ-Drive, the XR(L) pump  together with the appropriate sensor is turned into an intelligent, variable speed pumping system. The NSQ- Drives are frequency converter integrated into the pump which adjusts the motor speed to provide constant  pressure or differential pressure to the flow rate. 



Pressure boosting systems

Domestic water supply systems

Cooling Systems

Air-conditioning systems

Small Industrial water supply systems

Horticultural irrigation system



Energy saving (Up to 50%)

Maintains constant pressure

Simplicity (Eliminates separate control panels)

Soft start functionality to minimize mechanical stress on the pumping system

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