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  • DongYang Bend

    DongYang Bend

    About Supplier

    Environment and customer oriented company – Dong Yang Bend Co., Ltd.

    Dong Yang Bend Co., Ltd., established in October 1998, is a leading manufacturer of specialized Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Butt Welded Fittings and Grooved Joint Couplings and Fittings with applications in marine, petrochemical, thermal power, plumbing, and general construction uses.

    Dong Yang Bend Co., Ltd., has been supplying value-added pipe fittings of both Carbon and Stainless steel in conjunction with research and development.

    Dong Yang Bend Co., Ltd., has KS, JIS display permit, is ISO9001 certified and has a solid reputation with foreign customers that are widely recognized for their excellence and quality.

    Additionally, in the diversified construction field that is the pipeline industry, new technology and new products are constantly needed and to meet these customer needs, Dong Yang Bend has marketed grooved joint products since 2005 and has gradually increased its market share in this area.

    With its experience in manufacturing carbon steel and stainless steel pipe fittings, Dong Yang Bend Co., Ltd., strives to meet customers` needs based on friendly service, consistent quality control and a wide variety of stock offerings combined with trouble-free, fast delivery.

    Dong Yang Bend is committed to our customers and we work hard to grow like a tree along with and sharing in our customers` success and satisfaction.

    We hope to have your encouragement and support.

    205, Daegotbuk-ro Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Butt Welding Fittings

    철 맞대기 용접식 관 이음쇠
    스테인리스 맞대기 용접식 관 이음쇠
    용접용 엘보류 및 캡
    용접용 티
    용접용 레듀셔

    Grooved Joint

    Rigid Coupling
    Flexible Coupling
    Mechanical Tee (Threaded)
    Mechanical Tee (Grooved)

    Grooved Fitting's

    Grooved Elbow
    Carbon Steel Fitting
    Carbon Steel Fitting