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- High Output power and Improved Patient Safety 

- Bright LED hand piece

- Colored touch LCD

- Diverse & convenient Tip Application 

- Top level Water Infusion  maximum water supplies of 100 ml/min

- Multi-function & Ergonomically Designed Foot-switch

Key Features

Color touch LCD

Memory function

Optic Hand piece With Hexa-LED

Optimized Hand piece and Tips

One-Touch pump cover-simple to set and arrange


High Handpiece power of 60W 
By implementing the world's top-level output, Sonic Surgeon 600L has widened the application scope of operation and decreased operation time.

Optimized design of Handpiece and Tip
Design based on vibration analysis enables optimized handpiece and tip to increase durability and efficiency. With more stable and effective vibration, Sonic Surgeon series mitigates inconvenience from heat of handpiece during surgical operation.

※The above maximum temperature can be different, depending on measurement condition.


Separable Handpiece cap and Replaceable LED unit
Separable handpiece cap is easy to clean internal contaminants, which minimizes concerns about infection. LED unit is replaceable, which makes maintenance cost-saving.

Optic Handpiece with Hexa-LED
Illuminated handpiece with Lux Hexa-LED lighten the treatment site and secures more precise and broader eyesight

Touch LCD application
3.2" Touch LCD has improved visibility and convenience in user interface

Memory function
The memory function of output power and water supply provides convenience of each control.

Diverse tip application including patented tip
Safer and more convenient sinus operation is possible with the patented crestal approach (socket lift) tip. 22 different tips are applicable for various dental surgeries.

Multi functionally and Ergonomically designed Foot Switch
The multifunction switch controls on/off of the hand piece, delivery rate of the water pump and ultrasonic power. The slim design prevents foot fatigue even during long operation.

Improved Safety for patients

- Self-diagnostic Function
This function prevent accidents by automatically detecting abnormal state of handpiece, pump and untied tip.
In abnormal cases, Sonic Surgeon 600L automatically stops operating with an error message. 

- Auto cooling Functio
After power switch is on, water is supplied for 10 seconds without tip vibration in order to prevent bone heating.

Product Specification


※ Package may vary depending on clinic's need or other circumstances.

※ Product composition can be changed according to customers' needs and circumstances.

Generator Unit

Stylish exterior design

Maximized water supply

Max. water supply of 100ml/min minimizes bone heating.


Stable Output

Handpiece designed by DIT's own pie technology produces more stable and optimized output.

This handpiece can be easily separated fir ckeabubg.

Foot Switch

Malfunction Switch

The multi function Switch controls on/off of the handplece, delivery rate of the water pump and ultrasonic power

Ergonomic design

the ergonomic design prevents foot fatigue during long operation.

Torque Wrench


Torque wrench is used to tighten a tip to a handplece.

With slip function, torque wrench prevents excessive force exertion to a handpiece.



Crystal approach patented tip

Sinus operation can be administered more safely and conveniently.

Diverse tip applications of 19types

Various dental operations, such as sinus Uift, ridge explanation, bone harvesting, window open and block bone, are possible

Sterilization Tray

The large-size sterilization tray disinfects dental tools including handpiece, torque wrench and tips at once.

Aluminum Case

aluminum case can be stored and moved easily and safety

Saline Solution Tube

Saline solution tube for connection to peristaltic pump and handpiece.


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