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  • Donghwa Prime

    Donghwa Prime

    About Supplier

    ‘Value Creation for Customers’

    We Will Continue Growing As a Trustworthy Company.

    Donghwa Prime Co., Ltd. will meet the demands of the times with its cutting-edge technology, competitive products, and constant innovation.

    We are deeply grateful for your continued care and love for Donghwa Prime Co., Ltd.

    Donghwa Prime Co., Ltd. has grown up to the current position for 40 years with its consistent effort for customer satisfaction and technology development.

    In the future, all the executives and staff members of Donghwa Prime Co., Ltd. will continue putting forth every effort to live up to your expectations with the goal of becoming a global leader in the 21st century.

    Reflecting your interest and love faithfully in our process of technology development, we will spare no time and sweat for better products to your satisfaction.

    With continued substantial management and active pioneering in markets, we have maintained competitiveness not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets, being as a leader in the Fuel Dispenser industry. Donghwa Prime Co., Ltd. promises to continue growing with customers as our partner with its spirit of consistent challenge and the highest quality products and service.

    24, Saujung-ro 3beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Self Series

    SMART Self Fuel Dispenser
    SMART Series
    Prime Self Fuel Dispenser
    PRM SELF Series
    TOP Self Series
    ECO SELF Series
    H Self Fuel Dispenser
    HIGH SELF Series
    SK Self Fuel Dispenser
    SK SELF Series
    S-OIL Self Fuel Dispenser
    SOSELF Series
    S-OIL H Self Fuel Dispenser
    SOSELF H Series
    Fuel Dispenser
    PRM/SOP Series
    Ultra-high Speed Fuel Dispenser
    PRM Series
    Bulk Fuel Dispenser
    PRM Series
    Ceiling type Fuel Dispenser
    NON Series

    LPG Dispenser

    SMART LPG Dispenser
    SMART 충전기 (슬림형)

    Self Car Wash

    Unmanned Self Washer (Laser Wash)
    ProTouch Self Car Washer

    POS System

    Fuel Station POS System
    LPG Station POS System
    Vapor Recovery System (VRS)