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  • Donghae Industry

    About Supplier

    Since Donghae Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 1987, we have successfully developed and marketed ‘EPS Oily Water Separators’, after obtaining patent and official reisteration of our trademarks. The ‘EPS Oily Water separator system’ solved many problems which existing oil water separator systems had, and further improved treatment efficiency. It is not only one of the most technically advanced oily water separator systems currenty available in the world, but also the most competitive in price. We have supplied more than 1,500 units so far, and they have already won prestigious recognitions in international markets such as USA, Poland, Indio, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Papua-New Guinea.

    As Donghae Industry Co.,Ltd is a technology-oriented enterprise, we continue to acquire new patent and utility model rights through rigorous research and development activities. As a result, we obtained KT Mark (Excellent Korean New Technology Mark), and more than 17 commercial rights from Korean Government. We have also won “Excellent Product Award” from the Public Procurement Office of the ROK.

    When inferior products are delivered, it will return with ten times of loss.

    The entire operation of our company is targeted for “Continueing Development of Technologies, Perfection in Products, and Customer-First-Spirit.” We vow to our customers that we will do our utmost to be the most prestigious producer of Oily Water Separator Systems in the world.

    126, Beolmal-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Oily Water Separator

    EPS Oily Water Separator
    EPS Type
    CPI Type
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    Oil Absorbent
    Soil Pollution Prevention
    Car Wash Wastewater Equipment
    IAF Type

    Oil Skimmer

    Belt Type
    Floating Oil Skimmer
    Scarping Oil Skimmer
    Pipe Type
    Comparative Table

    Stormwater Management

    DH-N Series

    Coalescing Media Pack

    Coalescing Media Pack