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  • Dongbo

    About Supplier

    This has been the company motto with which Dongbo Heavy Industries has produced industrial boilers for the past several decades and is the spirit of enterprise we should maintain in the 21st century.

    'We should run, not walk. And we should think about running, and performing.'
    This is the phrase that we have stuck to since our establishment in 1971, a phrase which expresses customer orientation, as well as Dongbo's work ethic. It is a precious indicator which have achieved consistently and unwaveringly under Dongbo's enterprise. 
    Now, Dongbo Heavy Industries faces the new challenge of the 21st century. As a leading manufacturer of industrial boilers, Dongbo Heavy Industries must take on the important responsibility of inducing advanced technology for technological innovation, creating a systematic educational system for nurturing professionals, and promoting the national prestige of the industry to the world market.

    Furthermore, it is our duty to provide the highest quality products with outstanding reliability, as we stand shoulder to shoulder with all of the industries in the country. The time has arrived for Dongbo heavy Industries to excel again. The energy industry in the 21st century will be derived from boilers, and it is our duty to provide the best boilers with unequalled reliability.

    In the future, Dongbo Heavy Industries promises to carry out its duties and responsibilities, as one of the country's leading boiler manufacturers, based on the three principles of quality, customer satisfaction and people skills. Dongbo Heavy Industries, Inc has grown into a leader of the industrial boiler manufacturing industry since it was established in 1971, and has gained a reputation for producing excellent results with Plants. 
    Our production facilities are all state of the art and our work force is highly skilled, with intensive Know-How and experience. Our team produces outstanding products to satisfy the various demands of our customers. In addition, we cooperate with the technology department of Mitsui Engineering, a boiler company renowned for its technology, to further develop technology.
    In spite of current environmental conservation and energy savings, we will do our best to overcome this difficulty through consistent hard work and R&D.

    439, Gajang-ro, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Boiler Business

    Hot Water Boiler
    Fuel-smoke tube Boiler
    Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
    DBHI Type Mass Storage Boiler
    High-Pressure Gas Tank
    Cogeneration Plant Boiler
    DBHI Type Package Boiler
    Heat Exchanger
    Gas burning Boiler
    Steam Accumulator

    Environmental Equipment

    Capability Improvement Project
    For reducing Nitrogen Oxides
    For reducing Sulfur Oxides