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  • Dong Yang Ventilation

    About Supplier

    Dong Yang Ventilation is established in February of 1980 as a manufacturer specialized in producing ventilators for past 35 years. We produce over 100 type of ventilators based on our foremost expertise as an oldest ventilator manufacturer in South Korea. 

    Under the Principle of Innovation, Standard, and Services, Dong Yang Ventilation is determined to deliver our customers complete satisfaction through
    eco-friendly and innovative products. We promise our customers that we will continuously deliver reliability and 'customer first' service through innovative products.

    11, Juseok-ro 184beon-gil, Namyang-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List


    Inline Duct Fan
    DAI Series
    Ventland Blower

    Roof Ventilators

    Power Stationary Ventilator
    SMC 배기구
    Roof Top Stationary Ventilator
    Roof Top Stationary Ventilator Plus



    Wall Ventilators

    Wall Cap
    D-C/HC Series
    ABS Conical Wall Cap
    DDC/DDI Series
    System Wall Cap
    D-SYS Series
    Grill Hood Wall Cap
    D-HC Series
    Air Conditioner Wall Cap
    SC Series
    Anti Backdraft Wall Cap
    D-AH Series
    ABS Wall Caps
    ABS Travent Wall Cap
    DDV Series
    Square Grill Hood Cap
    DSHC-P Series

    Grill & Louver

    Super Louver
    Air Louver
    D_V Series
    Air Grill
    NRG Series