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    Updoor interlock for elevator
    Updoor interlock

    Product Description

    DI-107 is door locking device for Freight Elevator among Door Operator. That is, updoor locking device certified as elevator safety system( EK-MARK, Korean Electric Safety System ) with ECK-1004:2005 application. Elavator hall door of updoor is installed in door guide rail by updoor guide shoe. And car door & door key plate is installed at the back to open the door in elevator hall side with using special door key.

     1. Contact point of interlock is opened and closed by door locking device.
     2. The position of interlock is maintained by the connection device of compressed spring.
     3. The contact point of interlock is connected to locking device and opened by mechanically operating of locking device.
    4. Interlocking makes the door to be locked in closed position before normal operation of traction Machine(Driving Machine).
    5. When the car is automatically stopped or leveling, the power is supplied to Traction Machine(Driving Machine) through normal control circuit continuously,
        but the car completes stop or leveling before complete opening of elevator door.
    6. When elevator door is opened from outside, lifting the locking device area with special door key to release the locking.
    7. Safety contact point is protected by protective case.


    Installation TypeContact Point TypeSwitch ContactContact point operation
    DI-107L, RMech. SensorLimit Switch Contact As the point of switch contact is turned on by door cam, door switch is operated

    Standard Features

     Cont. resist. valueLess than 30mΩ
     Thr. of cont. pointOver 100gf/1 cont.
     Limit temperature88℃
     Contact RatedDC 125V/DC 1A
     Solenoid RatedDC 24V/DC 0.9A
     Switch Width400mm
     Switch Depth130mm
     Switch Height44mm
     Normal Roller Stroke14mm
     Lever Arm Length70mm


    Door locking device of elevator is consists of Door switch part and safety device. And the structure of these device is explained below.

    1. Door switch part : Interlock keeper and door cap is installed at the bottom of updoor.
        Lock unit(Hook Lever assy) is installed into the side of "C" frame bottom that is for supporting updoor rail. Therefore, when the elevator door is opened, the operation of elevator is out.
    2. Safety device : Door key plate is installed into the keeper plate ass'y of updoor bottom. Therefore, door is locked to prevent any random opening from outside without using a door key.

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