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  • DMA

    About Supplier

    We that is established by 1995 manufacture and sell an iron cutter and grapple (Orange, Stone, Wood) and so on as excavator attachment company.

    We concentrate our attention on technical development and prompt and precise customer service to this day with our state of mind of scratching an itchy place Whenever you call.

    Today’s DMA sear by suctomers to come to life again with substance and world-class technology for more convenient, safer, higher quality product for customer’s profit seeking.

    882-16, Seongsan-ro, Seongsan-myeon, Goryeong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List

    Attachment / Grapple

    Turnstile / Stationary Concrete Crusher
    DR 10&08 / DC 10&08
    One Cylinder Iron Shears (Turnstile)
    DS R Series
    Orange Grapples
    DOG Series
    DMAB Series
    Wood Shears
    DWS 10 / 08
    Press Machine
    Two Cylinder Iron Shears (Turnstile)
    DSD 1000R / DSD 800R
    Turnstile / Stationary Iron Grabs
    DSC 230,330 / DSC 230R,330R
    Stone Bucket Grabs
    DBG 03~10
    Wood Grabs
    DWG R Series
    Turnstile Stone Grab
    DSG R Series