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  • Diatop Sama

    Diatop Sama

    About Supplier

    Diatop Sama Co. is specialized in manufacturing diamond tools for construction and stone industry.

    We are equipped with full line of production facilities for manufacturing diamond saw blades, diamond core bits and grinding cup wheels, stone shaping tools and diamond polishing tools.

    We are producing high-end diamond tools with excellent quality for professionals.

    Our diamond tools are exported to the world such as U.S.A., UK and Germany since 1995.

    Our goods have earned good reputations from overseas customers with high performance, quality consistency and safety. 

    Customer satisfaction is our business goal.

    Please enjoy the high performance of our products as well as our good service.

    What product line?

    1. Construction: Wet blades for floor saws, Dry blades for handheld saws, Professional multi-application blades, Refractory blade, Loop blades, Grinding cup wheels, Core drill bits, Core segments.

    2. Stone: Granite/marble blade, sandwich silent blades, turbo blades, grinding cup wheels, shaping tools, core drill bits, polishing pads and other stone fabrication tools.

    3. Surface preparation: Metal diamond shoes, Surface Prep disc, PCD tools, Grinding cup wheels, Terrazzo plug, Metal dot pad, Resin diamonds, Terrazzo polishing pad, Restoration and maintenance diamond pad, EQ magnet system.

    What our strengths are? 
    * Extensive range of products line to meet customer’s needs.
    * Outstanding products as NiceCut, AnyCon, Split sandwich core silent blades, concrete polishing diamonds, etc.
    * Strict quality control for defect free products and consistent quality.
    * You can make more loyalty customers.

    What are you looking for? 
    Are you looking for attractive products or better products for your competition?
    Do you want to increase you sales? 
    It is possible for you to achieve your goal if you will have right manufacturer as Diatop.
    We can provide any diamond products you want as far as you value the quality. 
    We want to make you happy with excellent products 
    You can sell powerful products for your market. 

    How can we assist?
    * You can satisfy your customers with different quality products from others. 
    * If you need a certain specification or type of products, we will do our best to make them for you.
    * We can protect your market from your competitor. 

    The way to success
    There are many companies to deal diamond tools.
    But we are very confident to introduce ourselves because we always pursuit top quality products and service.
    The key for your success is to choose Diatop as your reliable manufacturer. 
    You are able to get the right products for your customers from Diatop. 
    You can make your company more profitable and competitive with our high quality products and service. 

    42, Seongseogongdan-ro 54-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Product List


    Wet blade
    Dry blade
    PMA blade
    Loop blade
    Tuck point blade
    Core drill bits
    Diamond Wire


    Silent blade
    Stone blade
    Polishing tool
    Turbo blades
    Core drill bit
    Turbo cup wheel
    Electroplating tools
    Grinding cup wheel
    Vaccum brazing tools
    Router bit
    Finger bits
    Diamond wire
    Sculpture blades
    Fabrication tools
    Drum wheel


    Metal shoe
    Segment prep tools
    Metal disc pad
    Terrazo plug
    PCD plug
    PCD shoe
    PCD cup wheel
    PCD Plate
    Other metal tools
    Grinding cup wheel
    Grinding plate
    Metal dot pad, disc
    Grout removal blade
    Resin diamonds
    EQ Magnetic System
    Maintenance diamond