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    As having business background of well trained, organized and experienced more than 30 years in the field of design, outfitting, and HSE of Samsung Heavy Industries, I have full of confident in fabrication and assembling the piping and steel structures. Our company, Sung Kwan Machine Industry, also has 7-year-production record of Pump Tower (loading and unloading facilities) for LNG Carrier, pipe spools, piping module unit, and their installations.

    On the base of our enhanced experience at shipbuilding industry, we have already broken into successfully fabricating and installing the piping and steel structures for LNG Terminal of Korea Gas corporation (KOGAS). This project will be the first record by adopting a packaged module unit on complicated construction of LNG Terminal, which will reduce drastically installation cost.

    I am sure that the lead time can be shortened by 10 months at least by new method of construction of module system, which means more profits can be guaranteed to our clients.

    If you give us opportunities and trusts for our experiences and techniques, we do promise to give you back maximized profits by offering competitive quotations.

    155-32, Gongdan 4-ro, Sanam-myeon, Sacheon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

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    블럭어셈블리, 아웃피팅, 페인팅
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