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Pioneering Future Technology for Ocean Environments


At the heart of this initiative lies DAICH TECH Corporation, a company that has taken on the role of developing and delivering efficient control panel dedicated air conditioners and coolers, setting a precedent as the first in the domestic industry.


Guided by the motto of creating efficient working environments, DAICH TECH Corporation is a customer-centric company. With a diverse array of products, we strive to make our customers' workspaces comfortable and pleasant.


DAICH TECH Corporation's core values are based on the philosophy of enhancing and creating efficient work environments for our customers through constant innovation and the creation of new technologies. We remain closely connected to our customers, always aiming for quality improvement through various angles and the development of new technologies.


Going forward, building upon a customer-centric approach and a diverse product lineup, DAICH TECH Corporation will continue to exert efforts in research and development to provide the highest value to our customers, ultimately striving to become the premier brand in the environmental energy industry.


As a pioneer in the development of control panel dedicated air conditioners, DAICH TECH Corporation stands out. In our early days since establishment in 1986, we pioneered the development of PANEL cooling fans and air conditioners (5 types in 1986), followed by PANEL air-conditioners (6 types in 1992). Over the years, we have accumulated three decades of expertise, becoming the sole domestic company to develop PANEL HI-COOLER cooling fans (10 types in 1993).


Operating an in-house technical research institute, DAICH TECH Corporation constantly innovates. We are committed to promptly and comprehensively responding to changing customer demands and producing and managing product quality to meet ISO9001 design requirements. To be recognized as a company that always stands with its customers, DAICH TECH Corporation will make unceasing efforts toward quality enhancement and new technological development.


DAICH TECH Corporation's Control Panel Dedicated Air Conditioner


We maintain and improve the lifespan of your equipment, enhance productivity, and reduce failure rates by ensuring a comfortable environment within NC machine tools, robots, and factory automation control panels through international quality certified air conditioning systems. These control panels are integral to various systems like NC machine tools, robots, factory automation, and systems. While the functionalities have diversified, the spaces are restricted and require sealed environments. These conditions lead to equipment shutdown or tripping due to damage caused by high temperatures, humidity, and humidity. Many companies suffer immense losses and damages due to malfunctions within control panels.


For over 30 years, DAICH TECH Corporation has developed air conditioning systems that remove heat and moisture while preventing foreign substances from entering control panels. Our new products further enhance the reliability of your equipment.


DAICH TECH Corporation's Mini Portable Air Conditioner, 'DreamCool'


With the intensifying heat waves each summer, there is a growing demand for portable air conditioners, leading to a surge of such products flooding the market. Traditional portable air conditioners, however, tend to be bulky and cumbersome to move, making them unsuitable for various usage scenarios (workshops, offices, camping sites, local markets). Additionally, the high electricity costs associated with single-person usage hinder their practicality. Emptying the water tank and installing additional ducts for warm air dispersion add to their inconvenience.


In response, DAICH TECH Corporation has developed a portable air conditioner that addresses these inconveniences. After two years of development, we proudly present 'DreamCool'. This mini portable air conditioner is compact, lightweight, energy-efficient, self-evaporative, and equipped with a hot air dispersal feature. We invite your interest and support for 'DreamCool', a solution born out of DAICH TECH Corporation's dedication to customer comfort and convenience.


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