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    Unlimited challenge to the global arena, This is the spirit of Daewon Cable.
    With our best quality management and productivity based on corporate history of 50 years, we will become the basis for electricity and communication businesses in national infrastructure industry.

    Daewon Cable, that laid the first step in the cable industry in Korea in 1964, has proactively responded to the rapidly changing global market environment as a future-oriented company based on confidence. As a trusted company by customers with optimal quality, new products and leading management that leaves new footsteps to national industrial development, we will open up a new arena to the change into modern information society.

    Also, we will be responsible in looking out for sustainable growth of the future of human race and environmental conservation, and by expanding our business range to new regenerative energy industry, we will create a new corporate spirit for both nature and human as well as corporate and human race by inheriting the beautiful nature in clean earth to the next generation by preventing environmental pollution.

    92, Hoeumdeongnyeong-gil, Godeok-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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