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  • Daesung Hi-Tech

    Daesung Hi-Tech

    About Supplier

    ​Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd is a company believing in perfecting even the smallest task. Such a commitment enabled Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. to manufacture and fully export processed machine parts. Some of our main products include machine tools parts, industrial machine parts. semi-conductor device parts, and steel machine parts. Through building up the technological asset, we now manufacture complete machine.

    In order to survive and lead in the fierce international competition, Daesun Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is equipped with the latest processing facilities and has implemented a production system of parts  assembly and finishing. Such a system enables us to challenge "zero" defect rate and gain an advantage over technology, quality, and price.

    Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd has attained ISO9001(Korea Standard Association)) in November 2001 and ISO 14001 in August 2007. Also, we were certified as "The First Class Machine Process Compnay" in September 2008. With the leveled up technology, we are taking a proactive step to provide our customers with solution to their needs.

    This is a result of our quality management policy and efforts from everyone at Daesun Hi-Tech Co., Ltd, believing "Future is only guaranteed by the best quality". We strive to deliver the best and to be a company leaping into the future.

    10, Techno-daero 2-gil, Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

    Product List

    Machines Division

    Nomura Auto lathe
    Zeroin Auto lathe
    Hobbing Machine
    Tapping Center
    Dental Milling Machine
    High-Speed Glass Processing Machine