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  • Daemyung Engineering

    Daemyung Engineering

    About Supplier

    Daemyung Engineering is a general engineering company equipped with professional technology and knowledge accumulated through years of experience. Our areas of business range from airplane parts and assembly production, airplane automation facilities, and maglev switching machines to other areas that require cutting-edge facilities such as large maritime facilities.

    Rich experience and excellent technological skills have been the foundation of our professional technology and knowledge. Daemyung Engineering has built trust-based relationships with clients by successfully completing numerous projects beginning from design, manufacturing, and installation all the way to operation testing. We will make further efforts to provide our clients with the optimal systems they need.

    With our company motto of “better ideas, better products, and a better life,” we will continue our R & D and strive to become a globally recognized company.

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    Product List

    Airplane Parts and Assembly Business

    Airplane Parts Business
    Airplane Assembly Business

    Airplane Automation Facilities

    ADS(Auto Drilling System)
    AFS(Automatic Fastening System)
    APS(Automatic Painting System)
    AR(Auto Riveter)
    FASS(Fuselage Automated Splice System)
    FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System)
    RDS(Robotic Drilling System)
    WASS(Wing Automated Splice System)

    Railway Vehicles Sector

    Maglev Switching Machine

    Large Maritime Facilities

    Large Maritime Facilities

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