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  • Daekeum Geowell

    Daekeum Geowell

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    Being the equipment washing wheels and lower body of vehicles, it is used at the gateway of construction sites as the essential requirement to prevent dirts, dust or other contamination from being spreaded outside.


    The disinfectant/washing facility is mainly purported to disinfect and wash commercial vehicles (dump truck, arm roll truck, tank truck etc) in two stages; namely in the first stage the contaminated substances sticken to the vehicle’s surface are washed out automatically by high pressure and in the second stage the disinfection work is carried out on the whole body of vehicle to prevent the airy environmental contamination as well as such contamination of pathogenic bacteria through such vehicles passing by agricultural or cattle raising farms.

    PIN & BUSH

    Bearing which may also be known as retainer is the mechanical element with the functional role of rotating a mechanical axle that is fixed in a certain position while the self weight and the loading weight are suspended on the axle being supported by it. Pin & Bush, being a sliding bearing, is touched face by face and therefore has the friction resistance larger than a rolling bearing, however its weight supporting ability is commonly larger enough that it is widely being used in the connecting parts of construction equipment undergoing heavier impacts.


    CYCLEAN is capable of treating large volume of highly turbid wastewater discharged from construction sites. This system can treat the wastewater to comply with the discharge standards and ensure the construction work uninterrupted.


    Geowell started as the leader of battery engineering of lead acid battery, lithium battery, alkali battery and fuel cell. In order to meet the needs of client, we invest the latest technology of several kinds of new battery.

    38, Janggogae-ro 92beon-gil, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea

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