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  • DAEHEUNG Machine Industry

    DAEHEUNG Machine Industry

    Grinder Cutters
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    Product Description

    ■ The Usage of Special Material Blades
     ▷The blade edge of DHG Rotary demonstrates excellent performances especially in crushing Poly Carbonate, Xenoy, ENPLA, Resin to which Nylon(66#) Glass is added, and other solid materials. 
     ▷The DHS flat blade edge is suitably used for crushing soft materials especially Vinyl, Rubber, Film, and various containers. 
     ▷The DHP is easily attached by the assemblage of the cutter blade. Disassembling/crushing can be performed with ease to the application of deeply abrasive crushed glass, etc. 

    ■ Safety
     ▷Safety is assured for the rotary engine is built in the complete cover.
     ▷Operation safety is assured due to the anti-bouncing block installation to the Hopper.
     ▷Safety is assured due to the attached automatic cutoff.
     ▷The cylinder installation allows the hopper to safely open and close.


    ■ Economical Efficiency
     ▷Through a little amounts of electric power, a large amount of crush volume can be attained.
     ▷Through the installation of the compact urethane wheel, movement is convenient, vibration is absorbed by the shock absorber, and a smaller area of the installation space is occupied.
     ▷Due to it's special material, the blade edge is hardly worn.
     ▷The Daeheung crusher is specially designed to have outstanding crushing performance, which enables the minimization of dust, and to cleanly cut materials so that there are less loss of any particles.
     ▷The Hopper Input Slot angle can be adjusted so that automatic and manual inputting can be done with ease.
     ▷The inside of the machine can be opened and closed simply by the one-touch method, which allows the inside to be easily cleaned.
     ▷Due to the crushing of materials after the first crush process, dust is hardly given off, and this results to economical efficiency.


    ■ Low-Noise
     ▷Because of the larger external diameter of blades than competing companies', large materials are crushed with ease.
     ▷Due to the double soundproof system within the Hopper, noise, vibration, and the give-off of dust are highly blocked, and the work environment is good. 
     ▷Sound is hardly given-off due to the second high-speed crushing followed by the first process.

    Product List


    Small Grinders
    Middle Size Grinders
    Large Grinders
    Rubber / Sheet / Pet
    고무 특수 분쇄기
    Grinder Cutters
    고무 특수 분쇄기