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  • DAEHEUNG Machine Industry

    DAEHEUNG Machine Industry

    About Supplier

    We are exporting the Daeheung Crusher to the nations worldwide. Through the excellent performance, and the refinery of the model, the Daeheung Crusher\'s quality is recognized domestically and internationally as well.

    Through the new technology developments and manufacture methods, the Daeheung Crusher has thoroughly gotten rid of the defaults from the former models at users view. The newly modeled Daeheung Crusher has been designed with new materials so that all users can achieve satisfaction.

    The Crusher\'s performance is recognized domestically and by East Asian countries extending out exports to the US, Australia, and Europe. 

    We are very confident that the Daeheung Crusher is idealistic in easy operation, and high degree of safety and performance.

    56, Seojaebon-gil, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

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    Small Grinders
    Middle Size Grinders
    Large Grinders
    Rubber / Sheet / Pet
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    Grinder Cutters
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