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    About Supplier

    Daehantrans were established in 1972 and has been producing neon transformers for 36 years. We have dominated the domestic market, which rate is approximately measured up to 44%. This figure should not be considered as a minor number when compared to the rate of any other major competitor. Our technique and knowledge on transformers are essentially based on the pure experience and obviously are the best in its class. 

    In other field of lighting, we have developed cutting-edge LED modular system. We started this business in 2003 and became the first producer of LED moduled using epoxy resin shell which technique is patented. We have been nominated as a highly reputable manufacturer of LED lighting system in Korea and also we are known as the most aggressive competitor of SloanLED and GE Lumination.
    Domestic marketshare is rated around 37% according to a research performed by media press in Korea and overseas share is not statiscally analyzed but for sure we are expanding our territories in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Pueto Rico, and many more. 
    It is obvious fact since we have the quality as same as those competitiors and we also have outstanding price range compared to them, Furthermore, lead time to anywhere in the world is less than one month for higher volume of order which quantity is larger than 300,000 units since our system is efficiently reconstructed.

    Most of our products conform to CE standard and also some of them are registered in UL certification. Now we are selling our products in 45 countries world-wide through designated distributors.

    84, Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    Signage LED application

    STAR Series
    SLIM Series
    FLEX Series
    BAR Series
    WIDE L Series

    LED Lighting

    FAENA MR16
    Down Light
    Internal/External Type
    FAENA F0603/F0606/F1203

    NEON Transformer

    Neon Stone
    Trans Guard
    Electronic Neon Converter