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    About Supplier

    We have been in the business of Dust Collector System and Air Blast M/C System for over 30 years. 

    We are doing business with many companies including the major three shipyards in Korea and we strive to satisfy our customers by supplying good quality products.

    In addition, we will do our best to regenerate new ones without resting in the past.

    If you trust us and use our products, we will do our best to serve you forever. 

    37, Gwaegam-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List

    Dust Collect Pats

    Pulse Valve (Diaphragm Valve)
    TH-5820-B, TH-5820-C, TH-4820-B, TH-4820-C, TH-5825-B, TH-5825-C, TH-4825-B, TH-4825-C, TH-5830-B, TH-5430-B, TH-4830-B, TH-4430-B, TH-5840-B, TH-5840-C, TH-5840-F, TH-5440-B, TH-5440-C, TH-4840-B, TH-4840-C, TH-4840-F, TH-4440-B, TH-4440-V, TH-5850-F, TH-5450-F, TH-5450-B, TH-4850-F, TH-4450-F, TH-4450-B, TH-5460-B, TH-5460-S, TH-4460-B, TH-4460-S, TH-5475-B, TH-4475-B, TH-4400-M
    Air Bank (Air Header)
    Solenoid Enclosure
    Digital Timer
    Bulkhead Connector
    BH-20, BH-25, BH-30, BH-40, BH-50
    Filter // Bag Cage / Venturi
    DCF-190, DCF-200, DCF-350, DCF-400

    Blast Parts

    Level Switch (Level Sensor)
    ALN111-2, BLX111-2
    Pinch Valve
    DPV-40, DPV-25
    Grit Valve (Mixing Valve)
    DGV-40, DGV-32, DGV-20, DGV-15
    Filler Valve (Pop-up Valve)
    Air Valve
    DAV-40, DAV-32
    Combo Valve
    Mixing Valve
    Metering Valve
    DMV-32, DMV-40
    Shot Gate
    Vacuum Breaker
    Blast Nozzle
    DAN-9.5, DAN-12, DAN-14, DBN-12, DSN-12, DUN-9.5, DUN-12, DUN-14
    Hose Coupler & Holder
    DQP-1, DQP-2, DQP-3, DMC-32, DMC-40, DMC-50, DNH-1, DNH-2, DNH-S
    Butterfly Valve (Spare Parts)
    Filler Valve-Cone (Spare Parts)
    Flange-Nipple (Spare Parts)
    Grit Valve-Tee (Spare Parts)
    Rotary Feeder (Spare Parts)
    Blast Nozzles (Spare Parts)