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  • Dae Ryun Ind

    About Supplier

    Korea has been called The Land of Beautiful Scenery for its beautiful mountains and waterways. It is also known for its goodhearted people.

    We are proud of the 5 millenniums of Korean history, through which our ancestors invented certain metal types and the Turtle Ship (which is an ironclad warship shaped like a turtle) for the first time in human history. Continuing with the wisdom of our ancestors, Dae Ryun has been doing its best to produce the world's best products with the company's goal of the Advanced Technology, Quality Satisfaction and Caring Customer Service. We live in the global village. No matter where you live in this village, you are our neighbor and friend, not only a customer. We would maintain this valuable relationship with you forever. 

    115, Wanjusandan 7-ro, Bongdong-eup, Wanju_Gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

    Product List

    DR Fan & Blower

    Portable Fan
    High Pressure Ventilating Fan
    Inhalation High Pressure Ventilating Fan
    DR-ASV Series
    Smart Fan
    Small Sirocco Fan
    Large Sirocco Fan / Turbo Fan
    Double Suction Straight Sirocco Fan
    Sirocco In-line Fan
    Duct type In-line Fan
    Exhaust Plastic Fan

    DR Heat Exchangers

    Heat Exchanger(Heat Recovery Ventilator)
    DR-PF Series