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  • Dae-Duck Engineering

    About Supplier

    Consistent company which does one`s best always to the heart. DAE-DUCK ENGINEERING

    The elevator to cull the period at high building structure now we became important means which the mandatory is inevitable. For last Dae-duck engineering 10 and is founder in 1993. I have been done the install an elevator making all residence facilities and kind of the damage control, We are fulfilling a best`s effort always so that we take good as the quality trust and reputation.

    Also, as quality of the product which improves more it will finish a service and a sincerity and as the product which is the possibility which it will believe to customer everybody the hazard which gives a satisfied service in the future always it is best all. I have made the business for assiduity better development and enhance steadily diffuse.

    We wish that the concern of the customer and we should give again the courage A Dae-duck engineering we accept your advice always in the position of the customer, the manufacture installs complete elevator goods We become the Dae-duck engineering to do thoroughly at the management of the postmortem.

    623, Pyeongcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    The Parking Machine

    Lift Sliding Parking System
    DK ES Series
    Puzzle Parking System
    DK LP Series
    Horizontal Circulation P/S
    DK CR Series
    Multi-level Circulation P/S
    DK CG Series
    Flat-Directional P/S
    DK CT Series
    Elevator Parking System
    DK ET Series