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    About Supplier

    In the year 1991 founded as manufacturer of diagnostic product factory, ChungDo overcame the challenging times of historical and technical development.

    Long-term experience, reliable quality and progressive technologies are the source of success and growth of the company.

    Our biggest assets are our customers

    Based on qualified demands, we focus our activities on the individual requirements and aim for a flexible and complete solution to the task. It is our goal to use our entire strength and knowledge to provide market advantages for our customers.

    Success is the pride of our staff

    We know of the importance our staff has on the success of the corporation. All employees of ChungDo are dedicated to our mutual goals and corporate policy and are the source of our growth and success as a corporation.

    Our products are well known

    ChungDo products are used by millions of people worldwide. It is our responsibility to simplify the daily use to assure a secure, easy handling and ecological system, which is user-friendly in all of it's components.

    Customer Service

    Our service is to assure that each customer's order is promptly processed and shipped, correctly and fairly priced.

    This is the responsibility of Marketing and Office Administration, which also brings extensive professional experience and expertise to our customer support program.

    32, Soyanggang-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

    Product List


    Self-Stik +
    SlimDiet Stik
    Urinalysis Test Strips
    Self-Stik VET