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    About Supplier

    We have been committed to product diversification, quality improvement and technical development based on our quality management system for the customer satisfaction and established overseas infrastructure including 7 strategic locations of 3 factories in the United States, China and India and branches in Europe and Beijing, China so that we can keep up with the worldwide development of the welding industry.

    We will continue to endeavor to suggest a new vision and enhance our global competitiveness to face the global competition of this 21st century. We will also dedicate ourselves to meet the various needs of our customers by research and development of advanced technologies, productivity improvement and transparent management. We will step further to the world by securing various new technologies and realizing high quality.

    As we are leading the innovation and production techniques in the areas of welding machines and automation systems, we are fully aware of our responsibility for creating new technology and realizing high quality.

    We would also like to contribute to enhancement of customer values by meeting their various requirements as a total welding solution company.

    27, Mongnae-ro 108beon-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Arc Welding Machine

    IC+Thyristor Type Arc Welding Machine
    Inverter Arc Welding Machine
    Inverter Arc Welding Machine
    Inverter Pulse Mig Welding Machine

    Resistance Welding Controller

    AC Welding Controller Part
    DC Inverter Welding Controller Part
    Adaptive Controller Part
    WELCOM 1000

    Stationary Air Spot Welding Machine

    Air Spot Welding Machine
    Inverter Air Spot Welding Machine

    Customized & Special Auto Welding System

    Mash Seam Welding Machine
    Coil Spot Welding Machine
    Roll Spot Welding Machine
    Gantry Welding Machine for Railway Car Assembly

    Resistance Welding Transformer

    Multi Spot Welding Transformer
    DC Inverter Transformer For Robot

    Portable Welding Transformer

    Integrated Portable Spot Welding Transformer
    Portable Spot Welding Transformer

    Resistance Welding Gun

    Resistance Welding Gun

    Fool-Proof Equipment Weld Monitoring System

    Weld Checker
    RWM-10, MDM2211-M03D
    Fool-Proof Equipment

    Welding Network System

    Real time Welding Quality Network
    WELNET 5 Series
    Integrated Quality Network System

    Smart Cooler

    Smart Cooler

    Automatic Tip Tool

    Auto Tip Dresser & Auto Tip Changer
    CDK-R, CT - C50CA

    Ultrasonic Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer

    Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer
    RSWA F1

    Electrode Parts and Other Items

    Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer