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    About Supplier

    Choil Thermal Oil Heatering System Corporation is a leading manufacturing company in Korea that produces thermal oil heatering systems. We have contributed to the development of the Korean economy and regional society with our products and we are a R&D company placing importance on creativity for better products.

    With our philosophy of "Customer satisfaction through the world-best quality products" and full trust and encouragement of customers in our products, we have been dedicated to producing thermal oil heaters and related products since establishment in 1984. Consistent investment in R&D for a safer system, dedication to manufacturing products, and thorough management of after-sales service have been the foundation for us and we have grown into a leading company in the thermal oil heater industry.

    Facing the 21st century, our staff and directors are doing our best for customer satisfaction with energy-saving thermal oil heaters and related prodcuts based on our expertise and experience accumulated for more than 30 years and through persistent R&D activities for continuous development.

    Also, we are making efforts to step forward to be "Choil in the world" from "Choil in Korea" by pursing globalization strategies.

    We will reward customers with better services. We promise to be an ever-developing and valuable company. 

    38, Gunjacheon-ro 237beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Thermal Oil Heater

    Electrical Type
    Horizontal Type
    High Efficient Economic Thermal Oil Heater
    Vertical Type

    Heat Recycling Apparatus

    Special Air Preheater
    Heat Recycling System

    Other Products

    System Engineering
    Pressure Vessel
    R.T.C Unit
    Heat Exchanger Unit

    Installation Scene on the Site

    Installation Scene on the Site