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    About Supplier

    Cheonsei has acquired immeasurable experience in the designing and manufacturing metering pumps(dosing pumps) and pump accessories, becoming the leader of pump designing and manufacturing solutions in Korea. At Cheonsei we value quality as the most important ingredient in all of our products and services. We maintain a high level of quality products and support programs to provide our customers with unsurpassed solutions to their needs.

    Today, we have thousands of pumping systems installed throughout the country. Many of our customers are repeat buyers due to our continued focus on quality solutions. We are committed to our customers' needs by offering 24-hour technical support, 7 days a week. When you buy a Cheonsei solution, you are buying into a partnership that we will strive to grow year after year. We are committed to offering your company unbeatable support and application consultation. We continually research available technologies to make sure we can offer you the most effective solutions to your needs. 

    40, Ansantekom-gil, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Smoothy Metering Pumps

    Plunger Smoothy Metering Pumps (PKP)
    Diaphragm Smoothy Metering Pumps (PKD)
    Diaphragm Smoothy Metering Pumps (PDS)
    PDS-5-PC-FWS/02, PDS-10-SS-CVS/02

    Diaphragm Metering Pumps

    Diaphragm Metering Pumps (KD Series)
    Diaphragm Metering Pumps (KM Series)
    KM-500-STS, KM-251-PTC, KM-212-STS, KM-212-PTC, KM-102-FTC
    Diaphragm Metering Pumps (AX Series)
    AX2-12-PFC-HWS-Z, AX3-52-PFC-HWS-Z, AX1-32-PFC-HWS-K, AX1-12-PFC-HWS-Z

    Plunger Metering Pumps

    Plunger Metering Pumps (Crank Driving Type – CKP Series)
    Plunger Metering Pumps (Sprinig Return Type - KP Series)
    KPV-302M-SF, KPV-162L-ST, KPV-062L-SF, KPH-502M-ST

    Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps

    Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps (By-Pass Type – BKH Series)
    Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps (Spring Return Type – KH Series)
    KHV1-63S-PTC, KHV1-12S-FTC, KHH1-72S-PTC, KHH1-23S-STS

    Solenoid Metering Pumps

    Solenoid Metering Pumps (Deluxe Display Type – SP-D Series)
    SP-D50, SP-D100, SP-D200, SP-D300, SP-D500, SP-D300H, SP-D500H, SP-D700, SP-D1000
    Solenoid Metering Pumps (Common Display Type – SP-C Series)
    SP-C30, SP-C50, SP-C70, SP-C100, SP-C200
    Solenoid Metering Pumps (Manual Type – SP-B Series)
    SP-B30, SP-B50, SP-B70, SP-B100, SP-B200
    Solenoid Metering Pumps (Automatic Type – SP-A Series)
    SP-A20, SP-A40, SP-A60, SP-A100, SP-A200

    Drum Pumps

    Eccentric Screw Drum Pumps
    VDR-31T-U4, VDR-31T-E4, VDR-31T-U8, VDR-31T-A4
    Drum Pumps
    DR-P□H, DR-P□S, DR-P□T, DR-F□H, DR-F□T, DR-S□S

    Magnet Pumps

    Magnet Pumps
    MX-30, MX-50, MX-85, MX-120, MX-135, MX-135S, MX-250, MX-300

    Automatic Control System

    BLDC Automatic Control
    KDV-A-23H-PTC, KDV-A-14M-STS, KHV1-A-12S-STS

    Controller & Sensor

    PH/ORP Electrodes
    GS-5, GST-5, GSH-5, GSTH-5, CPP11, CPP12, CPP13, CPP14, CPR11, CPD11
    Digital PH/ORP Controller
    Digital EC Controller
    Mestar+ EC Controller
    Digital RC Controller
    Mestar+ RC Controller
    Digital DO Controller
    Mestar+ DO Controller
    Digital PH/ORP Controller
    Mestar+ pH/ORP Controller


    Air Chamber
    AC-□15A, AC-□20A, AC-□25A, AC-□40A, AC-□40P, AC-□50A
    Relief Valve
    RV-□15A, RV-□20A, RV-□25A, RV-□40A, RV-□40P, RV-□50A
    Back Pressure Valve
    BV-□15A, BV-□20A, BV-□25A, BV-□40A, BV-□40P, BV-□50A

    Chemical Tanks

    Chemical Tanks (EN)
    EN-200, EG-30000
    Chemical Tanks (SPN)