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    About Supplier

    Now you can meet our passionate workers and engineers to 100% satisfy for all customers for our lovely packaging machinery.

    Detailed review to ensure good Quality Packaging Machine, what kind of material used and what product we pack, how can we meet customer needs is our primary mission.

    Since 1987, we are supplying Automatic Packaging machinery and have 23 years of experience in building various plant and machinery in order to create the perfect package, we at CECONSE PACKMAN, hold intellectual property rights and has ISO9000, ISO9002, CE quality system.

    CECONSE PACKMAN, is a global company and believe in continuous Development of Packaging Machines and offer advanced Technology to meet customer requirement.

    Our Design edge helps us in maintaining a unique position to build on the effort made and offer technologically superior Packaging Machines.

    41, Manhae-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Packing Machinery Industry

    Medium Speed Cartoner
    High Speed Cartoner
    Line Connection Plant
    TM-TG-C52 / MS-MG-C52
    Shrink Packaging Machine
    Over Wrapping Machine
    Vertical Cartoner