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    It is a great pleasure for me to introduce Bumhan Corporation. a professional manufacturer of high-technology agricultural equipment for the greenhouse since 1985.

    Today the consumers anywhere are able to enjoy not ohly fresh, nutritious vegetables and fruit but also beautiful, fragrant flowers year roundthanks to such ultra-modern agricultural space heaters as those developed by bumhan Corporation. Besides agricultural applications, Bumhan space heaters can also be used for dairy, fishing, and industrial purposes as well as on construction sites.

    Characteristics of Bumhan space heaters are their excellent energy sving efficiency, safety features and environmental friendliness. Together they work to produce high quality agricultural and dairy products at miniumum cost.

    "Customer satisfaction" is the top priority of our management policy. This involves providing at any thime the best quality space heater at the most competitive price. For more detailed information on our products, please refer to the enclosed catalog. Any inquiry regarding our company or equipment  will be responded to immediately.

    108, Dongsunonggongdanji-gil, Naju-si, Jellanam-do, Korea

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