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    About Supplier

    Bulls Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of various agricultural machines which include multi-purpose ridging plastic mulcher, plastic mulching machine, tractor attachment type seeder, pest control machine series. Our power brand of today’s Bull is all thanks to farmers who have never spared advice and encouragement as well as the devoted effort of our excellent researchers and technicians.

    We deeply thank to farmers, Bulls Co., Ltd will take the lead the mechanization agricultural by releasing the certified products required by actual site with continuous R&D.

    And we promise to always listen to the smallest opinions of farmers, we ask your continuous interest and encouragement of you in the future.

    263, Dasansandan-ro, Dasan-myeon, Goryeong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List

    Ridging Plastic Mulcher

    For Watermelon/Pumpkin
    Female Friendly Type
    BG-800BSS / BG-600B
    For Potato Ridging Formation
    for Garlic, Onion and chives
    BG Series
    for all-weathers and all-purposes
    BG Series
    For two ridging of potato/vegetable
    BG Series
    Rice Seed Bed Formation Machine

    Tractor Attachment Type Seeder

    For Vegetables Such as Spinach
    Minor Grains Seeder
    SHB Series
    Onion Direct Seeder Machine
    BG Series

    Plastic Mulching Machine

    Human-powered Plastic Mulching Machine
    For Sweet Potato/Potato
    BG-2000 / BG-2000K
    For Riding Type Transplanter
    Tractor Attachment Type
    BG-2007 / BG-2007D

    Underground Crop Harvester / Agricultural Power Carrier

    Agricultural Power Carrier
    BG-3000H / BG-3000
    Underground Crop Harvester (For Multi-purpose Such as Onion, Garlic, etc)
    BG Series

    Pest Control Machine

    Automatic Hose Reel Type
    BG Series
    Self-propelled Type
    BS-180 / BS-180S
    On-board Type
    BG Series

    Seed Germinator & Awn Remover / Garlic Stem Cutter

    Awn Remover
    Seed Germinator
    BG Series
    Garlic Stem Cutter
    BHS-207 / BG-207T