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  • BMK


    About Supplier

    BMK’s business philosophy is the quality.

    Since its establishment,customer satisfaction and quality have been the number 1 business philosophy.
    We always give the best effort to develop new products that change the future of the injection molding machine.

    We have various marketing strategies for the development of differentiated technology and BMK brand growth.

    BMK will use accumulated expertise and quality control to satisfy the customers’ needs Thank you.

    84, Gurae-ro, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Injection Molding Machine

    Low Bed Type
    VCR-C Series
    Table Rotary Type
    VTR-C Series
    Table Rotary Type
    VTR-3C Series
    Table Rotary Type
    VTR-P Series
    Vertical Type
    VTD-C Series
    Vertical Injection Molding Machine (Low Bed Type)
    VCD-C(SL) Series
    Vertical Type
    VCD-P(SL) Series
    Vertical Type
    VTD-P Series
    Vertical Slide Type
    VTD-P(SL) Series
    Vertical Type
    VTU-HC Series
    Vertical Type
    V-TC Series
    K-TC Series
    Horizontal, Vertical Injection Units
    HTC Series
    Special Injection Molding Machine
    H12V Series
    For LSR Liquid Silicone
    직압식 사출성형기
    H-ST Series