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  • BESA

    About Supplier

    Best Endeavor Splendid Achievement

    “We will do our best to make a bright achievement!”

    We, Besa Corporation was established in 1986, we are specialized in industrial blade, knife and cutter made from Hardmetal material (Tungsten Carbide and ceramic).

    Besa is doing concentrate on acquiring new technique, and believe that customer would be satisfied with our products from our dynamic activity.

    We constructed ‘All in one system’, we have all of processing from powder to sharpened edge state.

    We developed our new products with following new industry, and we are supplying to the customer in 25 countries our blades that use for processing of slitting film in rechargeable Battery, MLCC, FCCL, Display industry and so on experienced on know-how over 25years.

    We have two different main materials, one is Tungsten Carbide, and another one is Ceramic. The lifetime of these blades are longer than general steel blades.

    And, our blades are sharpened with our precision grinding way, it is our honor that customer would be satisfied with our products.

    Thanks to the customer`s interested in our products, we could develop various blades, and it was our pleasure to make a good relationship with our customer.

    We will keep in mind “Think in customer`s shoes”, then will do our best to be a good and best business partner for customer.

    40, Techno-daero 2-gil Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

    Product List


    Electronic Parts
    Slitter Knife
    Fiber Knife & Glass Fiber Knife
    Hard Capsule Trimming Knife
    Secondary Battery
    Spinning Cutter
    Loom Cutter
    Paper Slitting Knife
    Various Blade
    Optical Fiber Cleaver
    Cigarette Filter Cutting Knife
    Plotter Knife / Mat Cutter
    MLCC (Ceramic green sheet knife)
    Film Slitting Knife