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  • Bawoo Company

    Bawoo Company

    About Supplier

    In the name of BAWOO COMPANY, there are quality and satisfaction by continuous technical development

    We are specialized in manufacturing of skid steer loader since 1990. BAWOO COMPANY is leading Korean manufacturer and exporter of skid steer loader and various attachments. The full range of product line, good quality, and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in Korea.

    BAWOO COMPANY`s line of products combine high performance with exceptional durability and quality. One of our advantage is products according to customer`s needs and continuous improvement of quality. We are small but we have tons of potentiality for the future and enough technology.

    Our feedom allows us to concentrate on developing the latest technologies into our equipment. We have been looking for the best way in order to increase your productivity at the toughest environment.

    60, 3sandan 4-gil, Buk-myeon, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

    Product List


    LEX T16, LEX T18
    Backho Loaders
    트랙 로더
    BTL300, BTL350
    Mini Tractor
    Parts Features
    Parts Options
    Track Loaders
    BTL300, BTL400EX
    BSL350, BSL300K, BLS6000
    Skid Loaders
    LEXT10, LEXT12, LEXM10
    Skid Steer Loader
    BSL350EX, BSL400EX, SSL5700, SSL6700, SSL8700, V57, V67, V87, J57, J67, M50, 720