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    We, Peach Valve Co., Ltd. changed our name from "BAVCOS (the abbreviation of Bok Soong-A Valve Company)" to "Peach Valve" effective from January 2007.

    Our company's registered Korean name was "Bok Soong A Valve, Co., Ltd". Bok Soong A, in Korean language, literally means "Peach." For easy pronouncing of "Bok Soong A" by foreigners, we decided to change our company's registered name into "Peach Valve" in line with our future corporate strategy.

    Since 1975, Peach valve has been renowned as high-quality Dual Plate Check Valve manufacturer.

    Recently we broadened our production range to the field of Gate, Globe, Swing Chick Valves, along with the new development of Cavity Free Half Ball Valve, the world’s first invention which we expect to be positive contribution to the food, cosmetics, drugs and fine chemistry industries.

    754-1, Aegibong-ro Haseong-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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