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    About Supplier

    Since its establishment in 1992, AUTOMA has been producing and supplying quality products in the field of automatic valve as a forerunner.

    Our Automatic valve is being used in various industrial areas such as power plant and water treatment system, etc. We have made a consistent growth for both domestic and overseas market. And most of our products are highly valued by its customer worldwide for its quality.

    It was all possible because We prioritizes “customer-first” management with prompt delivery, reasonable prices, quality innovation, and technical response. We will continue to do our best to meet customer`s demand with best service and to satisfy their expectations by creating value constantly.

    21, Pyeongcheon-ro 862beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Pneumatic Products

    Pneumatic Actuator (Scotch Yoke Type)
    AD/AS Series
    Pneumatic Actuator (Rack & Pinion Type)
    ADR/ASR Series
    Pneumatic Actuator (Heavy Duty Type)
    AD/AS-D Series
    Pneumatic Actuator (Linear Type)
    ALCD/ALCS Series
    Automatic Valve (Screw 1pc Ball Valve)
    ADR/ASR-S1 Series
    Automatic Valve (Flange Ball Valve)
    AD/AS-F Series
    Automatic Valve (3-Way Screw Ball Valve)
    AD-W Series
    Automatic Valve (Screw 3pc Ball Valve)
    ADR/ASR-S3 Series
    Automatic Valve (Butterfly Valve)
    AD/AS-BF Series
    Automatic Valve (High Performance Butterfly Valve)
    AD-HBF Series
    Automatic Valve (Plastic Flange Ball Valve )
    AD-F Series
    Automatic Valve (Plastic Butterfly Valve)
    AD-BF Series
    Automatic Valve (Y Type Valve)
    AGV-Y Series
    Automatic Valve (Tank Bottom Ball Valve)
    ATBB-F Series
    Automatic Valve (Tank Bottom Flush)
    Automatic Valve (Knife Gate Valve)
    AKGV-A Series
    Automatic Valve (3-Way Flange Ball Valve)
    AD-3W Series

    Electric Products

    Electric Valve (Screw 1pc Ball Valve)
    ATM-S3 Series
    Electric Valve (Screw 3pc Ball Valve)
    ATM-S3 Series
    Electric Valve (Flange Ball Valve)
    ATM-F Series
    Electric Valve (Butterfly Valve )
    ATM-BF Series
    Electric Actuator (Linear Type Actuator)
    AQL/AGL Series
    Electric Actuator (Rotary Type Actuator)
    ATM Series

    Globe Valve

    On-Off Globe Valve
    AGV-A Series
    Globe Control Valve


    Limit Switch Box
    ALS Series
    Solenoid Valve
    ANS Series
    Air Filter Regulator
    AFR-10/20 Series
    Speed Controller
    FC Series
    SL Series
    Elector-Pneumatic Positioner
    EPR/EPL Series
    Declutchable Gear Box
    ADG Series