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    About Supplier

    A-TECH was established in February, 1984 with setting the lofty goal of becoming the leader of the spring machine field. We studied both domestic spring machines, and advanced designs from overseas.

    We have now laid the foundation of our spring machines, Wire bending machines and CNC controlling technique based on our lengthy experience and accumulated skills. Through attendance of many international exhibitions over the years, we've achieved recognition of excellence of our products and made inroads in the export market. We are striving for success in our business field to take first place in domestic market share and be in the world's top 5 Spring machine enterprises.

    We have experienced professional engineers and high-class manufacturing skills in area of springs, wires, and forming machines. Our quality has already been guaranteed through feedback from our customers.

    We're trying our best to meet the customers' demands and provide what they want. We look forward to your continuing interest and support.

    188-1, 2saneopdanji 2-gil, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

    Product List

    Product Line

    CNC Wire Bending Machine
    AT-HB Series
    CNC Spring Wire Forming M/C
    AT-TH Series
    CNC Wire Bending M/C
    AT-THB Series
    Wire Rotating Spring Forming, Bending M/C
    AT-S Series
    Multi Wire Ring M/C
    AT- R Series
    CNC Wire Bending Machine
    AT-DB70 Type
    CNC Coil Spring Forming M/C
    AT-C Series
    CNC 6 Axes Pipe & Wire Bending Machine
    AT-PB70, AT-PB90
    Spring Wire Forming Machine
    AT-M Type
    CNC Coil Spring Forming M/C
    AT-CR Series
    CNC Torsion Spring M/C
    AT-T Type
    Multi-Spring Forming, Wire Forming M/C
    AT-MF Type