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  • ASE

    About Supplier

    Change! Challenge! Passion! Trust!

    Based on our customers` trust and our win-win spirit, ASE Co., Ltd. has been successfully operating a semiconductor wafer cleaning business and a new and renewable energy equipment business for over 20 years.

    In the midst of the ever-changing market with infinite competition, we managed to become what we are now thanks to the belief and trust of our many customers and partners.

    We domestically produced the 20-nano-class semiconductor silicon wafer cleaning equipment for the first time in South Korea, with high import substitution effects. Furthermore, we are striving to become a global leading equipment manufacturer through ceaseless research on and development of new and renewable energy equipments as well as LED device equipment (sapphire grower), and through an LCD rework business.

    All the members of ASE are united in and committed to actualizing the future that our customers are pursuing.

    We will do our best to further the quality of our products and technologies by embracing challenges and through our passion, always trying to change for the better.

    7, Secheon-ro 4-gil Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

    Product List

    Wet Station Business

    Glass Slimming System
    Sapphire Wafer Cleaner
    Polishing Slurry Feeder
    300mm Alkali Etcher
    Photo Mask Cleaner
    Solar Wafer Final Cleaner
    Poly Silicon Chuck Etcher
    300mm Box Cleaner
    300mm Final & Pre Cleaner
    Poly Silicon Slim-Rod Etcher
    Glass Cleaner
    Solar Wafer Pre Cleaner

    Growing Business

    Tungsten Raw Material / Part
    60kg Sapphire Growth Furnace
    30kg Sapphire Growth Furnace
    Molybdemum Raw Material / Part
    90kg Sapphire Growth Furnace

    LCD Rework Business

    Raw-Material Rework
    LCD Color Filter Rework Product
    Equipment Part
    8th-Generation LCD Color Filter Rework Equipment